I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne,  and as a photographer feel very lucky to have such a diverse enviroment on my door step. I like to look at the whole scene to see the possibilities that can be achieved. When it actually comes to taking the shot I like to think differently, enabling my style to adjust to the environment.

The Photography

Photography is not just a job for me, but a passion that shows through in my work. I hope you see this in the photographs shown here and you find something you like, to hang on your wall while helping out either St Oswald’s Hospice or the WWT.

As well as selling prints I do some event work and I like to put as much effort into the relationship with my clients as the photography itself. By having a greater understanding of your ideas I can work with you and share some of my own, enabling us to produce outstanding results together.

So have a browse and enjoy the photography and if you want to have a chat about a print or any ideas you have then feel free to use the contact form, I always look forward to having the chance to meet and work with new people.